What are the benefits of having a Reseller Hosting?

What are the benefits of having a Reseller Hosting?

What is Reseller Hosting?

A plan where the account holder has the right to resell his/her Web Hosting services to a third party is known as Reseller Hosting. Reseller Hosting can be done by an individual or an organization, when someone purchases or rents disk space and bandwidth from a web hosting service provider and then sells it to their clients and also one can build their own brand doing the same process. It is possible to have 10 to 250 separate accounts depending on the plan you choose.

Reseller Hosting can be used by people who want to start their own Web Hosting Business as well as it allows developers and designers to provide additional services to their clients. This type of hosting is mostly meant for web developers and designers with a customer base. A Reseller Hosting gives you a large piece of a server that allows you to share it with your own clients. With Reseller Hosting you are actually hosting your client's Websites.

Advantages of Reseller Hosting-

• COST- For people who are looking forward to getting into Web Hosting Business, it’s a good option for them as Reseller Hosting plans are fairly cheap and affordable. Without purchasing any technology, infrastructure, and equipment, which is usually needed to become a Web Hosting company, you can sell hosting to your clients.

• INCOME GENERATION- If you want Revenue Generation, go for Reseller Hosting. Just by managing data and servers for businesses that don’t have enough resources and time to do this on their own, Resellers get their income. It’s also easy to upgrade the reseller account to accommodate more customers, which increases the revenue. It’s possible to make additional profit from reseller hosting by selling add-ons such as SSL Certificates, Dedicated Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated IP, domain name registrations, etc.

• FOCUS ON THE BUSINESS- Rather than focusing on the technical aspects of running a web hosting business you can focus on business aspects because all the tasks related to updates, server maintenance, connectivity, security, and many other things, are the responsibility of the web hosting service provider you’ve rented or purchased from.

• ADDITIONAL FEATURES- With Reseller Hosting you can get a greater number of features as compared to other hosting plans. Furthermore, Cheapohosting offers you unlimited SSL Certificates as well as features like Cpanel or Plesk Panel.

• BUILD A BRAND- Reseller hosting lets you build your own identity and brand, although you are selling the resources of another Web Hosting Service Provider. Essentially, this means that your clients won’t know that you’re renting from another web hosting company.

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