User apps autoupdates

Cheapohosting uses the technology platform where all the applications and software’s are auto update so that our customers and clients experiences no tensity of manually updating the software’s, applications and technology.

If any issues with their website and applications occurs due to the automatic update feature, We always restore their website and applications to its state before the update.

Traditional way of updating the apps and software isn’t good enough. Here’s Why:

(1) If your app accesses network services, developers need to make them backward compatible.
(2) Users have to manually update the software. This means time, energy, and focus lost.
(3) Customer support doesn’t want to address issues with outdated versions.
(4) Users often retrieve their software other than from the source. It takes time for a new version to propagate,  and it will never be up-to-date everywhere.
(5) For some apps and software’s, it’s critical that every user runs the exact same version.

So, Cheapohosting User apps auto updates feature makes their clients and customers more work centric, more focused and always updated as per the technology.

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