DNS management

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DNS stands for “Domain Name System”. It’s a system that lets you connect to websites by matching human-readable domain names (like Cheapohosting.com) with the unique ID of the server where a website is stored.

Think of the DNS system as the internet’s phonebook. It lists domain names with their corresponding identifiers called IP addresses, instead of listing people’s names with their phone numbers. When a user enters a domain name like wpbeginner.com on their device, it looks up the IP address and connects them to the physical location where that website is stored.

Every time you make a DNS record change, you will notice that this change is not reflected online immediately. This is due to the DNS propagation. Once you make the DNS record changes, they are saved on the hosting provider’s DNS server. However, when you request your website, you request it via your ISP’s DNS server, which has older DNS information cached, in order to speed up the web surfing process.

When you update your DNS records, you will have to wait until this change is passed to the master DNS servers in order for the changes to be reflected online. This process can take from 4 to 48 hours and is called DNS propagation.

For new domain registrations, the DNS records are usually propagated faster in order to have the newly registered website online as soon as possible.

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